At Fairview we prioritise your child’s mental health and well-being and we recognise, given the current climate, that this is now more important than ever.  Since returning to home learning, we share a weekly well-being message with our pupils and parents/carers. There are many support services available during this time, below you will find examples of some of the support you as parents/carers can access for your child during this period.

Links for Parents

BBC Bitesize – advice on managing your own mental health and well being

Playboard NI – ideas for home learning

Youngminds – supporting your child during the coronavirus pandemic 

NSPCC – coronavirus advice and support for parents

Partnership for children – well being activities

ELSA support – lots of free resources as well as those you can purchase

ELSA resources linked to the theme – Express Yourself

BBC resources to support Children’s Mental Health Week

PlacetoBe’s resources

Strive NI – free resources exploring emotions and supportive adults

Relax Kids have a range of resources to help children relax and unwind after a busy day or week

Parents supporting their well being

Weekly well being messages

Week 1 – Recognising our best

We want you all to recognise the amazing job you are doing at home and to recognise that it is your best that counts – not comparing yourself to others and what they can do. – take time to explore Mighty Monday 

Week 2 – Build in breaks 

It is important to take regular breaks from screen time and build it into your daily routine. – why not design your perfect ‘lockdown’ day and use these ideas as part of your scheduled breaks from screen time 

Week 3 – Prioritising your mental health

This week we have been promoting Children’s Mental Health week through a range of activities.  

These are some additional resources you may find useful:

Friday Video